Statement by Norway, IAEA BoG 11 December 2014

Letzte Aktualisierung: 12.12.2014 //


Madam Chair,

Let me start by thanking the Director General, as well as DDG Varjoranta and his team for the Agency’s continued monitoring and verification efforts in Iran. Norway commends the objective, impartial and professional manner in which the Agency is performing its work.

Madam Chair,

Norway takes note of the Director General’s report of 3 December 2014. We are pleased that the important talks between Iran and the P5+1 have made progress, that they will continue and that the JPA has been extended. However – time is moving quickly, and the parties must step up their efforts.

A comprehensive and lasting solution will open the door to increased cooperation and better relations between Iran and the international community. A particular responsibility rests with Iran to demonstrate that there are no military dimensions to its nuclear program. Therefore, we strongly encourage Iran to engage fully with the Agency to resolve all outstanding issues.

We have taken note of the financial costs related to the continued and additional monitoring and verification activities underlined in the statement by DG Amano. The Norwegian Government has contributed substantially to this work already, including for the first extension of the JPA.

Madam Chair, today I am pleased to announce that Norway will make a further contribution, in the amount of one million euros. This reflects the strong commitment by my government and Foreign Minister Børge Brende to non-proliferation. It also reflects our strong support for the important work of the Agency. We encourage all member states in a position to contribute, to do so.

Thank you, Madam Chair.

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